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cCHANGE is a research-based company working with transformations to sustainability. We burn for a more equitable and sustainable future and the showing people the roll we all can play in making this happen.
My challenge
To engage and motivate the participants in Flekke Glocal Challenge

Welcome to Flekke Glocal Challenge!

Many ask themselves: What can I do for the climate? Well, there’s so much: You can throw away less food, travel on public transport or fly less. After a while we become pretty good at finding small changes we can make in our own lives. But what if we want to make a big difference with our actions? How do we do it and how do we become an even bigger part of climate solutions?


Individuals matter a lot, although we don’t always realise it. The biggest potential for change happens when people feel connected to other people and their when their ideas and actions have an impact on others.


Throughout history there are many examples where individuals have lit the spark of change. Each of us has this potential!


Good luck!