'; Akari Tsurumaki | Flekke Glocal
I'm a student from Japan at UWCRCN. I decided to take part in this challenge because I was shocked by the reality of climate injustice (the unfair distribution of damages caused by climate change) especially on natural disaster management.
My challenge
To be a vegetarian for one month!

Day 3: Is vegetarianism a restriction?

Walking into Cantina, take a plate of food, find a table and start eating. 

It’s a routine. It hasn’t changed since I’ve become a vegetarian. Still, I feel restricted when I take some food. Probably, it’s because I used to have two options: meat or veggies because I was a meat-eater who sometimes takes vegetarian dishes. (It’s against the rule, my apologies) It7s not that I don’t like being a vegetarian, I don’t usually enjoy meat-based dishes. But up to the day 3, I feel restricted sometimes.

I’m looking forward to seeing if it’s going to change in the future! 

Day 2: Reactions from friends

To promote this challenge, I made a post on Facebook to explain what I’m doing. One funny comment I got from my friend,  “wait, then you can’t eat sushi for one month!” I mean, that’s right, but also I don’t eat sushi that often either. (Japanese stereotypes hahaha) I think this shows that a difficulty some people face in becoming a vegetarian/vegan: a change from their food culture. In that sense, I can say I’m lucky because I’m not into eating sausages or burgers all the time. Instead, I CAN EAT SPRING ROLLS AT CANTINA IF I’M A VEGETARIAN! 

Also, the fact I have an option to be a vegetarian is in a way a privilege because this challenge would be a lot harder if cantina doesn’t provide us with vegetarian food. 

Anyway, I was surprised by positive & curious comments I’ve received. I’m going to try my best not to fail them! 

Day -1: My expectation from this challenge

I thought it would be interesting to keep a note of how I feel like right now before entering this challenging yet intriguing one month.

Becoming a vegetarian is something that has been on my mind for some months. I made some efforts over the summer, like quitting beef consumption, but the full shift to be a vegetarian sounded too challenging for me. However, when I saw the poster Judit made about cChallenge on the notice board, I asked myself if I don’t take part in this now, when am I going to? That is why I decided to set myself this challenge. I think I can manage. I don’t mind not eating meat every day, but rejecting my friends meat-based will be a bit difficult. Also, I’m excited to see how my friends’ challenges will influence my choices. 

I hope I can complete this challenge!