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i am a student in UWC-RCN and my challenge is to be a vegan for thirty days. i am really excited to walk on this journey. i am pretty sure that this is going to be challenging but i am happy about it.
My challenge
to be a vegan

Day 28:

i realize now that change is not about changing our actions even though it counts but the thing is we first need to change our mindsets and our motivations. i dont think i have been a pure vegan within these few days but i learned what it takes to be a vegan and it is definitely not easy but still it is possible with your positive thinking. i came across a song called change and i think it is funny when i relate it with the change that i am trying to make. 

Day 23:

days are flying really fast and sometimes we forget to enjoy the little things as we are too busy in many things.

I had a nice break fast this morning and had it with my conscious mind. There is so much difference in the taste of food when you eat with mindfulness and without it.

Day 21:

It is very challenging to continue when i am surrounded by all the foods that i want to eat and in fact i ate some of them. Although, i do feel some guilt in doing that but i did not stop myself from eating it.  I actually regret for not doing that. I  think we should control our actions when we know we have the control to do so because it is all that makes difference. I  faced some problems last time and it really demotivated me to continue with the challenge but i think that should not be the reason to stop doing the good things with good intentions. i am going to the nurse and sign up for the vegan food. I know, i am doing it very late but then still it is something i have to do to make my challenge a challenge.  

Day 15:

i was not able to update my post due some problems with my account for a while but i am really happy to get back. About the challenge, honestly it didnt go well for the past few days and i feel quite bad about it. I am going to try to be stronger now. I can do it.

Day 8:

My days are getting better now. It is true that i have a strong temptation in eating meats and sausages but at the same time i am developing my resistance in eating them and i am very happy about it. As a matter of fact i really wanted to eat cheese and toasted bread so badly but i just touched them and left it. I am very proud of my challenge and i will continue to resist but by enjoying.

Day 5:

I am very prod to say that i did not eat the  yummy chicken today. Although i felt like eating but i resisted myself and i actually feel like i am becoming good at controlling myself.

Day 3:

Honestly, this challenge is not as easy as i thought it would be. I went to have my breakfast today and i almost took the meat with my bread but fortunately i somehow remembered that i can not. I think my challenge is more like to REMEMBER the challenge.

Day 1: first day

I went to Dale yesterday  in our school bus with my friends to get some vegan foods.There were good looking and delicious sausages that i promised not to eat for a month so i had to take a look and leave them behind,but today i was eating meat which i didn’t realize for a while.