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I am a UWCRCN student from Hong Kong. I believe that sustainable development is founded upon 'oneness with nature' and I am keen to further engage and develop my connection to the natural environment around me.
My challenge
I will time and limit my shower time to 5 minutes, and not consume single use plastics for the ne...

Day 21: Nine Days Left!

Sorry for not posting in a long time. I’ve been busy during PBL week.

Time really flies! It’s been 21 days since I began to commit to shorter shower times and reducing use of single use plastics. I find it quite easy now, as it has become a habit to finish showering in 5 minutes. Additionally, it has become a natural instinct to refuse single use plastics (such as plastic spoons). Perhaps this change has not brought about as much ’emotional’ or ‘spiritual’ change as the others, but I feel glad that I am able to do small things that contribute to change the ever worsening situation – that is climate change! 😀

Day 14: Seaweed Water Pods?

I came across this really cool article about an alternative to plastic water bottles. Skipping Rocks Lab created a ‘water bottle’ using seaweed. It has actually been used in the Tokyo Marathon 2017. 

This is a very cool breakthrough in technology, and it gives us all optimism for the cool alternatives to single use plastics. 

Seaweed-based water pouch aims to end the need for plastic bottles


Day 11: Self Discipline

As the summer waves goodbye and autumn and winter draw nearer, it is often tempting to take long, hot showers. Especially after a long day out in the rain. I found that it takes quite a lot of self Discipline to continue to do This for 30 days. 

I saw a video by Thomas Frank on YouTube about how to train self Discipline. He said it was about ‘training your body to comfortably do something uncomfortable’ 

So from today, I will take cold showers. I think this will make me less tempted to take a long shower, and will hopefully train self Discipline too! 

Day 7: Shower hacks

I found it useful to play music when I’m showering. The songs I play are under 5 minutes, so I should aim to be done showering before the song ends. 

Day 4: Sunny Days!!

Ok the sun was out today and I feel that I have a social obligation to share it with everyone. Because WHO DOESN’T LOVE THE SUN!! ❤️❤️❤️


Anyway, it’s day 4. Apart from what happened yesterday, I feel that I am progressing well. When I shower, I notice that I begin to finish on or before the timer stops. Im glad this ‘5 minute’ concept is getting ingrained in my brain. I read an article which said that when a task has been repeated for 30 consecutive days, the muscle memory starts taking over, thus becoming a habit. 

I am beginning to feel that the 5 minute showers are becoming a habit. 😁

Day 3: I failed…

ARGHHHH!!! I am so annoyed at myself. I failed this challenge already!! I was in Forde today and felt really hungry, so I decided to purchase a nutrition bar. I did not have the ‘environmental conscience’ part of my brain switched on, and I only cared about the food aspect of it. Only after I bought the nutrition bar did I realise my mistake. From this, I will always be more conscious when purchasing goods. I thought not consuming single use plastics would be easy, but sometimes you don’t realise you’re doing it!! 


Oh well… At least I can recycle the plastic 😭

Day 2: Day 1 & 2!

The first two days of living without single use plastic was great! I didn’t find it particularly challenging to reduce consumption of such goods as I didn’t really have the opportunity to purchase these goods. However, a change I did make was to not use the plastic stirrers in Kantina. I used to stir coffee with the plastic stirrers, but now I try to use the end of my fork. As for showering, my time was at 4.5 mins today, which is within the limit I set myself. I simply used my phone for the 5 minute timer (see picture) 


Overall I think that this challenge has had a great start!