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I am a teacher at UWCRCN
My challenge
I will diminish my print of paper

Day 9: Impossible challenge: Teacher without printed paper!

Having decided to not print paper is a rather difficult challenge when you are a teacher. 

It took me a while to decide on a challenge and recycling and waste material were at the focus of many of my ideas in the outset. I would like to contribute to a better use of the stuff we already have and that goes for everything: food, furniture, clothes, …, but also intellectual property and things we use in our job. 

BUT it is a challenge. What do you do for instance when Danish 2nd years are to have a written Paper 1 test? They have to write it in hand and the IB-examination is at its outset very off-line. SO as I wasn’t going to make the text they are writing about online I looked through old papers in the corners of my office (which I have taken over from the former Danish teacher) and yes I found some samples of the text I wanted to use. But I was missing 3 examples. So: I made my first prints for this week (using the 5 I found and printing 3 more). 

My second challenge is coming up: My kid’s kindergarden is requesting family photos for creative posters for the walls. As other parents I want my kid to be feeling acknowledged, good and also attached and cared for. So of course, I ll have to print photos for that project. I am trying to make them fit into fewer pieces of paper, meaning I take my time cutting and reframing the photos. What do I save? 2-3 pages of print.

I will do my best trying to print less, but printing nothing.. I haven’t managed that.

Good luck with yours!