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My challenge
Well, I try not to consume much, but moving last year made me realize how much STUFF I have. I ne...

Day +2: We should never stop!

As I wrote in one of my posts I am totally hooked on practical change. After organising my home, getting rid of some unnecessary thing (I shouldn`t call it minimizing though) I already know what is the next challenge: I will learn how to grow mushroom and some veggies at home. 

But this challenge we did together thought me to look behind the things, question the systems we have in place – that sometimes we think are sustainable enough but… Like the plastic recycling: where it goes, what happens with the plastic I selectively collect? Just got an email from a fantastic colleague about that issue and I have only partial answers like mixed plastic can be used only for producing low value materials like trash bags or adhesives. 

Or do I do the best if I use replace my old devices with new, greener things or simply use and buy less stuff? Well, probably not the best idea to replace things until they could be used at all and buying simply less could harm the global economy. You need systemic change and to be a well-informed, conscious costumer to have a good impact.

Is it the best if I don`t eat meat or any animal products? Well, living in Norway we know the important role of grazing in order to preserve the landscape, also what about the different cultures without using animal products?

I could continue but I don`t want to make it too long here. But promise I will continue outside this challenge.

And we shall have a next challenge soon!!! Thank you Kare, Leonie and Linda<3

Day 21: In addition to the last enrty – on food

I`ve just bumped into this on my fav page: The Guardian Environment: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/oct/10/we-label-fridges-to-show-their-environmental-impact-why-not-food

Pretty cool, environmental labels on food – that`s what I need. Wish we already have it.

Day 21: Reality bites

Well, sometimes you don`t make decisions about your life. There are events, sometimes unfortunate events determine what you can or have to do and you don`t have much choice.

Istvan – for those who are not familiar with the family settings – my ex, father of my daughters broke his leg. Very badly. It meant that we had to visit him in hospital in Bergen (4+4 hrs drive), than prepare his flat for his arrival, than accommodate him, get medicine and some aids for him, cooking, cleaning… So in short: my challenge had to be stay in put for couple of days. I was able to do some little things here and there but nothing spectacular.

It also means that I could procrastinate the hardest part: kitchen. So today I prepare in spirit for this one. When it is about kitchen you can`t avoid to revisit your eating habits, dietary choices – as other participants of the challenge. I believe I eat more or less healthy, I don\t use much meat, sugar, processed food. But I know I can do better, I mean climate-vise. Also I don`t need so many things: loads of different flours, spices, condiments… Long list.

To conclude: this week I will focus on kitchen/eating/diet. And since I have to cook and shop for two households now (and in the next 6 weeks) it has a direct ripple-effect:)

Day 9: How not to be obsessed with your change?

I would like to nail down at the beginning that if you look for an answer for this question, you are in the wrong place…

Kids are growing fast, teenagers even more so. Having two of the last category we need new clothes quiet often. Usually we manage from outgrown stuff of sister, cousins or mom aka me for that matter but sometimes the supply doesn`t come fast enough and it means we need to buy. Here in Flekke second hand is very often not an option even though I am subscribed for local FB groups offering used things but I very rarely find urgent solutions there (but for example my sofa is coming from there and I love it!). We also have the clothing store run by MT and the team but I feel students need it more than us so we end up at buying new again.

In the middle of my downsizing efforts I really feel bad about buying new things but I have to be strong and do it because the kids can`t go to school in short jeans or leaking raincoat:( 

And I also feel bad about feeling bad because it shows that I am already started to be obsessed with the challenge and I don`t think that is the point.

So concluding: anyone have a good tip how not to be obsessed?

Day 6: Just taking my time

…no, I’m not being lazy. After downsizing for days I decided not to DO but rather just be. Which I very rarely do. I love actions, I like when there is an actual result I can see, smell, grab… But today, after having 5 empty shelves, 3 empty drawers and 2 boxes full of things to give away I need to think. And sice I can think best when listening music and drawing I did that almost all day. Thinking or reflecting might not be the best words for it – sorry, I’m not native English – I am rather processing these past few days. Kind of tidy up my thoughts like my closet. Leave some behind and keep the most important one.

I’m not quiet there to share with you but maybe after this quiet time spent on my own (ok, with Ash) I will be able to mould some of my reflections in words. Soon. Just give me time:)

Day 4: Totally hooked

My challenge is totally addictive. I can`t wait to get back to my closet and clean, get rid of things. Yesterday I`ve invited some friends over for dinner and when they had left I needed to call some friends I haven`t talked to soooo long. But in the back of my mind I was actually very excited about getting back to my stuff waiting. I now have some empty shelves, drawers already and wondering what should I do when I have nothing to eliminate from the household anymore. And I guess it will happen before the 30 day ends 🙂 or rather 🙁 Maybe start a new challenge and change something else. Maybe I can steal one of my co-challengers idea. Maybe yours Fanny or Filippa…?

Day 2: Temptation

Very tired today so I will be short: TEMPTATION. That’s my keyword for today. I saw a great deal online, a led pad for drawing. I look for some similar for looong time now and here it is for a good price. I had a serious chat with myself about how much would I use it and than the honest answer was: almost never. I don’t have time even to simply draw…

So I kept packing my things. The unnecessary things in boxes. By chance a very necessary item also ended up in a comfy box:) See the picture. However after a while she decided to leave hoping for some food.

Last thing: the girls are in!! Altough they are  it keen on the packing things phase. Anyway, it is much easier to face a task if your loved ones are with you:)

Good night everyone!

Day 1: Enchanted

Reading Karen’s post about me as a climate hero makes me laugh: I am sitting in the middle of the mess I’ve created in ordet to try minimalize one of my drawer and listening a Disney song to make the mood. I wish I had doves, rats and coakroaches as in the movie to help me… Well, at least I have a cat who is messing with the mess:)

Anyway, actually it feels v good to completely empty 2 out of 5 drawers! But this is just one step:

– there are gazillion more shelves, drawers, closets to clean

– convince the girls to join me because when you have others to live with it isn’t just your decision/responsibilty – so my first ripple effect must be Petra and Hanna

– and the biggest challenge: keep them clear aka not to buy/get things to fill them!

Wish me luck:)

Day 1:

I couldn`t sleep until pretty late, prepared for class for today morning – not the best role-model I know – and my thoughts were wondering around the challenge I`ve chosen: how to start.  And I realized  that my challenge instantly and ultimately affects 2 small individuals: my daughters. I won`t be able to do it without them. I wanted to talk about it to them yesterday at dinner but we had other things to discuss but today I will find time and I will start the negotiations:)

I am very curious about their reactions, I think i know how they will react but who knows…

Also curious how my challenge affect others than my household inhabitants!