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I am a UWC student, project leader of the Nepal Floods/Landslides Relief Program Fundraising 2017/18, Go Make A Difference (GoMAD) and members of the Future Talks In Arctic founding community.
My challenge
What about eating more vegetarian food?

Day 30: Individual people can do many things if they start from their heart.

I am not the kind of person who usually would like to write posts and public on social media. Most of the time I used to be afraid to write and share my thoughts but after this, one-month Flekke Glocal Challenge brought a big change in my eating habits and ways of thinking about plants and living organisms. I cut my meat products by 99 % in these 30 days and started eating more vegetarian food.

I am sure if I do not train I will not complete marathon running in one day. Thus, I truly believe that everything is very hard to change at the beginning, but step by step training makes it easier then we expected. I realized that I did not use to like vegetarian food and promote to eat non-vegetarian food mostly. Nevertheless, from now, rather than complaing about meat products I would prefer to give advice on the importance of food, especially about vegetarian food.

Thank you Red Cross Nordic Family and the cchallenge team for giving me a wonderful one-month learning journey about how I can tackle myself the challenge.  Eat more vegetarian food and respect our environment!

Day 9: Is vegetarian food can be gift?

There was a challenge from one of our teacher (Julius) while he was connecting at Sweden House. The challenge was finished by connecting before at 8:15 pm (connect means to be present on dayroom with an advisor or house mentor to make sure everyone is ok). However, everyone managed to connect on time and as a winner of the challenge, he gave us a super surprised gift which you can see in the picture.

So, this brought question on my mind why people never think vegetarian food can be the gift. Is there any difference and is anyone disappointed from his gift? Absolutely not as you can see on the picture how these people look interested in the food. You can see from their emotion and face vegetarian food can be a good gift if the people give as a reward. 

So, it’s your turns to try to give a vegetarian food and protect our earth from climate change. Thank you, Julius, for the wonderful gift. I am sure your this message bring some change in our daily life activities.

Day 6: Is it possible gathering without meat product?

I am again back with vegetation news. I am still wondering why people cook meat as a special dish when someone comes as a special guest, why not the vegetarian food. Is there something historical or cultural link to express this is good or bad. I remembered when someone comes to my home for dinner my mom most of the time used to send me to buy meat. I saw so many animals were killing and the blood of their bleeding on the overall place. Well, is not the animals does not have pain or difficulties to die?  So, this is the picture of the gathering with friends without meat product at UWCRCN. Hope you also like it and tend to be a vegetarian after find out why should stop to eat meat!

Day 2: Enjoying the vegetarian food?

I have not give up to being vegetarian. Thank you, Asta, for the picture while I was enjoying my vegetarian food!

Day 1: Why should we stop to eating meat product? Can you be happy without meat?

After a big discussion about the future of everything in Svalbard, we also went into the deep conversation about why did we eat the meat of whale and why not the vegetable. https://www.futuretalks.today/arctic-expedition The is the picture of the whale meat.  If you follow up on my yesterday post, I posted a video about What If The World Went Vegetarian?
However, today is all about why we should stop eating meat and become a vegetarian. There are various reason about stopping to eat meat such as animal welfare, health concerns, weight management, health food bloggers, environmental worries, public campaigns, and money.Now, I truly believe in myself I can survive without meat but not sure for a long time. I am feeling very good without eating beef meat today in the cantina.  I will write later on about how I am going to managing my diet without meat. A happy day without meat product!

Day -1: What If The World Went Vegetarian?

This is all about what if I am going to be vegetarian. Do not forget to watch the video!