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Hi, my name is Asta and I'm a student from UWCRCN, who's going to be a part of the 30 day cChallenge. I've decided to meditate everyday for 30 days, to hopefully become more aware of my everyday.
My challenge
Meditation once a day

Day 2: My challenge to change

Hi everyone,


I thought I wanted to explain what my 30-day cChallenge is going to be, and why:


When I thought about what my challenge could be, it was things such as: becoming a vegetarian, remember to unplug my chargers, or avoid using plastic. But since I’m already trying to be “environmentally friendly,” these were things I already strived to do in my everyday life.

So, I thought: “What is my troubles when it comes to a sustainable lifestyle?” And the thing is; I am trying to be good to the environment – but I’m not really proud of it.


Back home I was considered “the hippie” trying to change the world with Amnesty, organic food and compassion. And of course, I knew I was trying to do the right things, but it wasn’t at all something I bragged about. – more like the opposite, I could be hiding that I only ate organic meat or biked to school because of the environmental benefits. I’ve found that in many youth environments in Denmark, it does not really give you social credit trying to care about the environment.


But I’ve come to realise, that if I want to change that, to influence other people, to make a change and be inspirational, I have to believe in myself and my values – because I do believe, it is the right thing.


I’ve decided to try an meditate once a day for 30 days, to see, if I through meditation can connect more with myself, my values and my environment. The 30 days cChallenge is therefore just as much a personal experiment and an opportunity to change.