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My name is Anna, I'm 18 years old and I come from Sweden. I study at UWC Red Cross Nordic. I'm very interested in politics, especially animal-rights and environmental issues.
My challenge
My challenge is to, when showering, only use water in five minutes or less.

Day +3: Now the real challenge begins!

Now 30 days have passed – even more than so. I must say this challenge has lived up to its name for me. I care a lot about our environment and the climate-change issues our world are facing today. I am already vegan which is something I find quite easy (it might be hard sometimes at restaurants etc.), I prefer going by train instead of plane and I like to walk or bike instead of going by bus/car- something I have a great use of since I got here to Flekke. Trying to shower using water in less than five minutes although has been quite hard to be honest, partially because my hair is quite long and I need to get the shampoo out, partially because I really enjoy taking a long, hot shower.

This 30 days has given me a new perspectiv. I have definitely acknowledged what I can work on to become more environmental-friendly but I also felt the struggle of a challenge like this. I can now understand what other people might experience while, for instance, going vegetarian or vegan and I have realised the value of taking on a challenge together with other people and support each other. As an answer to the question “Is this the end or just the beginning?”. For me, this is just the beginning, now when the challenge is over the real challenge begins. To keep up with the work we have accomplished during these 30 days and try to make them part of our everyday-life. I am happy that I participated in this challenge and I will keep working on it.

Advices on how to shower using water for less than five minutes:

  • Turn off the water while using shampoo, shower gel etc.
  • Save the “standing in shower just because it’s nice” until you’re done with using shampoo etc., then you know how much time you have left.
  • Use a timer.
  • Perhaps not shower every day.
  • Use cold water, that will make you take faster showers.

Day 13: Timed showers – Something to think about while renovating the houses at campus?

I can’t believe it’s already been two weeks. I’ve been struggling a bit with my challenge. Firstly, it’s quite hard to turn of the water and then hurry to turn of the timer on my phone (I’m only counting the minutes that I am using the water). The screen gets really wet and I need to wipe it of with paper all the time. Secondly, I go to the swimmingpool a lot and I can’t bring my phone into the shower and time how much water I’m using although I try to be fast. Next time I am going to time how long the sessions of water in the showers are so that I can calculate how many sessions of water I can use. I think it’s really good the swimmingpools have timed water that turns itself off after a certain time. I believe that can save a lot of water. Maybe that’s something to think about while renovating our houses at campus, to have showers that turns itself off after a little while.

Day 1: First day of my challenge!

Today’s the first day of my challenge. I managed to use water in less than five minutes while showering. I believe I could decrease the time even more since it took a while for the water to go from cold to warm. I guess my challenge will have to involve getting strong enough to walk straight into the shower even though it’s, in my opinion, freezing cold.