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My sustainability interest is mainly about humans’ connection to nature since I developed a lot as a person when I changed to a more eco friendly lifestyle. The recent time has been very stressful though so why not take this challenge as a mission to take better care of myself?
My challenge
Take better care about myself through meditation so I can be more present in the moment

Day 16: A 4 day late post!

Hello, here’s a four day late post because of lack of WiFi when I was going to the mountains! 

I’ve realized that meditation can be in so many different formes than just sitting still and breathing. Meditation is a form of relaxing and I’ve therefore spend more time on different ways of relaxation than just mediation in the silent house this week; for exapmle cycling, running, cooking and talking with friends. I have sometimes  found these activities even more relaxing since it’s harder to get trapped in my thoughts when I’m doing something productive. The week has also been quite stressful which made it harder to mediate and calm down in the silent house, but I still feel the positive affect from it. 

To allow to take care of yourselves is something I encourage you all to do. It’s both a short and long term investment that will help us all to create more positive change in this world! I’m now on my way to a five-day-hike with RCN’s outdoor leaders where we’re going to hike in the beautiful mountain landscape of south Norway! I am looking forward to these coming days with meditation and relaxing in nature. 

Take care you all! 


Day 8: Has it only been one week?


Time used to take fast, it was almost running away on the magical but very intense RCN. But after a week of everyday meditation does it suddenly feel like I’ve experienced more compared to other weeks, the reason to this is probably because of my increasing consciousness in the moment. We all feel pressured sometimes and worried about the future but this feeling changes immediately to meaningfulness and joy when I’m present and focus on what it actually feels like to pick apples from a tree or having a really nice cup of tea with a friend. The reason why it probably feels like “only one week” is because I’ve had time for more insights, reflections and feelings when I do different things, something that creates the feeling of experiencing more since you don’t only focus on the superficial impressions.


I’ve meditated in the lovely silent house on campus, time depends but at least fifteen minutes everyday. It’s not easy though, to focus on what it actually feels like to inhale oxygen through your nose, feeling your stomach and the rest of your body receiving the air and later the compression that forces the warm carbon dioxide out through your mouth in the exhale. But it’s important, because it’s so easy to get stuck in your constantly thinking mind and disappear in the never ending aiming for the best. And that’s maybe the reason why “being in the moment” has become so important for me, it’s a way to exchange the inner perfectionist to a person that enjoys and appreciate life more.


So what kind of connection does my meditation have to the environmental problem? Humanitarian behaviors are deeply rooted to the challenges that we face today, we’re so busy aiming for perfection and confirmation that we’ve forgot what it actually feels like to live. The aiming of alaways achieving the best according to the norms of society; the newest car, the tastiest food, the coolest vacation, the biggest house, the most affordable job, etc, are side effects from our own confusion of finding an identity. Meditation feels like a way of learning more about myself which also leads to a more sustainable living; when I understand that I don’t need the stereotypical “successful” things according to society in my life; as the examples mentioned before, am I instead changing to a way of living that both benefits myself and the environment; like being a vegan, minimalist, plastic reducer and a happier person! Of course do we also have to play society’s rules if we ever want to create a positive change, but it’s important to understand that the change has to start with yourself if you ever want to crate something positive.


Have a nice week you all and good luck with your challenges!